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 Guide for keeping bone

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PostSubject: Guide for keeping bone   Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:29 pm

Dummie guide to avoid Bone Bankrupcy
Understanding the true value of bone

If you tend to be a freebie player like me, don´t want to use some gold on silver and IS having trouble to get bone.... this is your guide.

Bone is your economic soul, without it you will get very hard times to level up you char, and you will end with bad equipment at higher lvls.

Words of power: SPARE, DON'T WASTE, THINK.

The Law of the Bones

1 - At start, collect ALL drops, and once inventory is full head to the seller and sell them (enjoy it, since only at start the npc vendors are near);

2 - Don´t even THINK buy / upgrade equipments under level 100 (exception: stamina regeneration), it is just BONE WASTE, you will eventually get the item you want dropped or do one of the massacres to get a good item (the item range of that items is too low to spend any upgrade on them);

3 - If you don't get it dropped, and think the mobs that you are facing demand a new suit, pull back and kill some lower lvl (but at your drop lvl range)- easy to kill mobs until you get what you want dropped, or have a good stock of bones to buy one;

4 - Don´t boost up at start, farming /grinding a little at the start may do a big difference later one (mainly, GO SLOW after you get the first AoE skills);

5 - If you are facing a "mass consumption of life herbs" there may be two problems:
5.1: you are facing mobs with wrong equipment (mainly this happens when the Death World quests starts;
In this case, level up via contest and spend a little time farming mobs for getting equipment and increasing your
bone fund.
5.2: you may be using BERSERK upgraded weapons.
In this case, switch weapon for a while. Berserk has a side effect: extra dmg, but you get hurt everytime you hurt
a mob

6 - As tempting it seems, DON'T OPEN or do a BONE LIMIT for the daily caskets from puppet master/weapon master. At lower levels (under lvl 70), there is actually nothing good on them for ya to spend your bone on them;

7 - Always remember: auto fly is only free 3x times, so be careful not to being wasting bones on extra ones (2k each extra fly);

8 - At lvl 60 you start entering the trader world, don't be fooled, good CT routes aren't for lowbies, so CUMULATE CT funds until you are able to enter the better zones (mainly: CT becomes good when you are able to enter ASV, Ice Valley). Only do SHORT termed CTs to not loose some fund (basic. BM to MT, GC to DW -> avoiding hexxad or the torment of DW hexxad portal area);

9 - Having a guild helps a LOT on CT mode, especially for scouting Hexxad teleport or eventually protecting you. So try to do CT when your friends are on, or when most pkers are busy or off (mainly: best moment to pass Hexxad is MAZE event, and with the new cap, event time);

10 - NEVER spend more that 50% of your bone on CTs, it prevents auto bankrupcy duo pkers and also try to have an invisibility trinket to avoid the mob thieves / give extra time at hexxad teleporter;

11 - At week days, only 1x each event is free, rest you must spend bones. Personally, only if you run out of quest or having a lot of extra bone make it worth to pay extra event;

12 - DON'T waste bones doing a SUIT armor only for "fun" or "good looks". Most lowbies that do the first suit equipments, are mostly alts from high lvl chars;

13 - If you die: use the REVIVE AS SPIRIT (the NO bone consuming option), especially if: (a) you are near a pk (don't think he won't kill you again if you revive, he will and you will loose bones) and (b) doing THUNDER / FIRE CALAMITY (it will take more time, but you won´t loose tons of bone doing them);

14 - Avoid dying at any cost. Death COST bone, even on the free option (your equipment need only to be repaired if you die, not from killing mobs like 99% of other mmog);

15 - Don´t waste bone on pet food. Do Pet walk events, or spend some time with a group of friends doing pet walk;

16 - DON´T WASTE BONE ON A PRIMARY PET EGG... you get one as quest reward.

17 - Don't use World chat. You are a lowbie, so there is no need to start a flame war on world chat.

And at least: think and plan before you start doing something bone related. If you want a FULL suit char, stop leveling and start doing CT/farm. If you don´t want a suit char for the time being, spare and cumulate bones.

Rules of the Brigands

What is a brigand: a yellow named mob that looks like a thief, and that has HIGH life (if same lvl), drops BIG REWARDS and doesn't attack back.

Some rules:
(1) don´t try to kill a higher level brigand alone (you lvl 50 and the brigand lvl 70), you will never kill it. Ask a friend for help;
(2) write down where you found him, since that is his spawn place, each map has about 3 spawn places;
(3) you will know that he is on when at you message bar appears a a "thief dialog" (something like i got all treasures) - this means, there is A brigand on at that map;
(4) DON´T KS, if the brigand is already being chased, let it be (not ALL high lvls of you faction care about dishonor points);
(4) last, BEWARE, there are reports that some high lvl from OTHER faction are killing brigands on other factions spots, so watch out for pkers.

Last words about trying to improve AH prices : don´t overprice your item. Senior immortal items aren't rare, junior immortal wit pot. 10 are only worth if they are lvl6+ equipment (and even so don´t worth more that 1k silver). So don't think you got a thunder equipment and you can overprice it, since thunder equipment you can´t sell on AH (epic/suit).


I may have forgotten some points, but taking in mind this little steps will avoid you entering in bone bankruptcy, which mostly happens on the range of the 70 to the 100 (the DW quest arc is the main point for players bankruptcy). After that, you will notice that making bone for herbs becomes easier

Critics & suggestions are welcome.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide for keeping bone   Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:13 am

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Guide for keeping bone
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