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 GET YOUR FREE GOLD ON DEC 20 read for info

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PostSubject: GET YOUR FREE GOLD ON DEC 20 read for info   Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:42 pm

10 Million Gold &18X EXP Giveaways

To celebrate the first anniversary of Zu Online's Open Beta launch and also let players enjoy some Christmas surprises a bit early, we are pleased to give all players an unbelievable surprise.

Gold Giveaway

11: 00am-11: 59am EST (GMT-5), December 20th

We will be giving 500 Gold to each player who is constantly online during the period above. Additionally, during this period our GMs will be giving out 100,000 Medium Attacking Spars, 100,000 Medium Defensive Spars and 10,000 Fortune Caskets to online players at random. (With Gold, you can purchase items freely such as the popular Christmas item set. Attacking Spars and Defensive Spars can be used to improve equipment. Fortune Caskets contain very cool items.)
We will deliver the Gold to these players' characters during the server maintenance on January 22nd, 2009.

18x EXP

10: 00am-2: 00pm EST (GMT-5), December 20th

During this short period, experience gains will explode by as much as 400% when defeating monsters. So, during this short period, if you use Rapidity Boluses and team up with 4 other players, you could earn up to 18x experience when defeating monsters. Below are some tips to maximize your exp gains:

1. First, use a Rapidity Bolus to increase experience gained by 100%. Now you will be earning 8x experience.
2. Second, join a full team to increase experience gain to 225%. Now, you should be getting 18x experience.
Follow these two steps and you will earn experience that you've only dreamed about before.

How do I get a Rapidity Bolus?
1. Rapidity Boluses are available in the Hot page layout of our item mall.
2. You may get a Rapidity Bolus from a Fortune Casket.
3. You may get a Rapidity Bolus by trading with other players.
4. You may buy a Rapidity Bolus from an Auctioneer (NPC).
5. You may get a Rapidity Bolus for free from a friend.
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GET YOUR FREE GOLD ON DEC 20 read for info
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