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 Summoner's Talent Guide

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PostSubject: Summoner's Talent Guide   Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:12 am

Here is the link:
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PostSubject: Re: Summoner's Talent Guide   Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:17 am

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PostSubject: Re: Summoner's Talent Guide   Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:21 am

Here is the guide (credit goes to cobraneverdies)
[Guide] Summoner Talent Trees
There are 3 talent trees; Anger, Ellfire and Torment. Pressing the N hotkey will allow you to view them. (you also get to see my tree :3)

Anger Tree

Ellfire Tree

Torment Tree


Level 1

Dedicated Ghostly Jail 0/10
Gives Ghost Ward an additional 2% chance of avoiding interruption
In My opinion, this talent is close to worthless, the interruption rate on Ghost Ward is 21%. If you make a epic spirit armor or breath it makes this talent obsolete.

Quick Poisons 0/5
Reduces Cooldown time of all Curse of the _____ skills by 2.7 seconds
Since the Curse skills hit the most damage in the shortest time frame i would recommend this talent over the other 2, if this talent is maxed out then the time will be decreased by 13.5 seconds. it doesnt matter where you put the other 5 points to advance to the next talent line

Swift Fire 0/5
Reduces Cooldown time for all Corruption skills by .13 seconds
Since Summoners use water summon to poison bosses, which is what poisons/corruptions are primary used for, this skill let alone talent is pointless, the duration is too long for pvp and not strong enough for bosses i would not recommend this talent

Level 2

Precise Silence 0/5
Increases the hit rate of silence spell by 4%
Silence does not have a low accuracy rate, this is just another pointless talent in Anger

Ruthlessness 0/5
Increases Critical Strike chance of Nuke spells (power of earth demon, water demon, hellfire) by 7%
This talent is a very good talent if you are looking to 1 hit people with your nuke. with this talent + mighty wine + maxed critical rates on gears , thats about a 70% chance that your nukes will hit a critical upon your opponent. highly recommended

Lethal Demons 0/5
Increase Critical Damage Bonus of all your nuke spells (power of earth demon, water demon, hellfire) by 30%
with the increase in critical % in nukes from ruthlessness not only now are your nukes frequently hitting criticals but with this talent your criticals from your nukes will hit 150% more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Level 3

Corruption Fire 0/10
Increases Damage done by Corruption spells by 14%
If increased to the max it will increase your damage by 140%. In this Case, to progress to level 4 of Anger you must add 10 points causing you to use this talent. This talent will effect your SS2 spells. it is recommended to add only 9 talent points in this talent

ShapeShift Soul 0/1
Nothing special about Anger ss1, still at level 90 should be obtained to use Mystic vajra and for healing purposes

Level 4

Extended Hierogram Attack 0/10
Increase Casting Range Of Hierograms by 64
Pointless Anger Talent

Recklessness 0/10
Increase Casting Range of Nukes by 64
Not "very" helpful but unlike Extended Hierogram attack this is actually effects pvp alot more considering when you are casting your nuke you have to tank damage and the further you are away from the target the longer it takes for him to get to you, put 9 points here just to advance

Mystic Vajra 0/1
Summons Mystic Vajra
Must get

level 5

Reinforced Banish Soul 0/10
Increase the duration of Banish Soul by .5 seconds
Not Recommended, Summoners have summons that Travel fast, its pretty pointless to try and slow an opponent

Improved Banish Soul 0/10
Reduce Cooldown time of Banish Soul by 1.5 seconds

Reinforced Mystic Vajra 0/10
Increase attack of Mystic Vajra by 1%

Level 6

Incapacitating Hierograms 0/10
Give hierograms 1% chance to incapacitate the target for 2 seconds
Recommended only if you use Hierograms frequently, if you run and let your summon fight then do not use this talent

Improved Lesser-Minion healing 0/10
Reduces Cooldown time of Lesser Minion healing spell by 2%
Another pointless talent, at max it will only decrease 2 seconds

ShapeShift Devil 0/1
Get this

level 7

Improved Doge 0/10
Increase dodge rate by 1%
Highly Recommended

Cocoon Trap 0/1
Freezes all target and all targets near him
Very good for when you are outnumbered, highly recommended

Enhanced Cocoon Trap 0/5
Increases the duration of Cocoon Trap by 1.2 seconds
Recommended ONLY if when you are getting outnumbered you plan to kill them all, if you plan to run the majority of the time just put the rest of the talent points in Dodge
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PostSubject: Re: Summoner's Talent Guide   

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Summoner's Talent Guide
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