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 Version 1.9.02 Updates

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PostSubject: Version 1.9.02 Updates   Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:48 pm


Drop rate of recipes for Level 7 Epic equipment has been raised. (Level 180-240 monsters).
Boundary Hill area monsters now drop Level 7 Epic equipment recipes.
When using a Disenchanting Furnace, you can only get 1 (Iron/Silk) if (Iron/Silk) is yielded.
Treasure Gathering Gourds have been added to the Shell Mall.
The durative expressive force of the spells hidden mirrors (trinkets) has been adjusted.
Death World: Lantern Pixie and Lantern Goblins have become more aggressive.
All pets' Ride Load are now 1.
New items--Training Helpers and Refining Helpers have been added to the Item Mall.
Some quests in Ghost Canyon and Blue Mountain have been modified.
The prices of the Commercial Items gathered in Wei-Yang Palace have been raised.
The music played in Wei-Yang Palace has been adjusted.
The default display order of some spells marked SS have been modified.
A new attribute—Swiftness can be attached to fashion items.
Businessmen (Commercial Travel) can now send a message every 10, 15 or 20 minutes.
The Brigands now have a higher rate to drop Stolen Treasures but a lower rate to drop Fortune Caskets.
The maximum health and drop rate of the Boundary Hill bosses have been raised. Players can now fight at Boundary Hill up to 40 minutes each time.
Transporters (NPC) names have been added to the selectable destination names for quicker transport.
The Level 240 Summoners minion-- Hades Fire Beast has been added.
Quests now have no maximum level requirements to receive.
When a pet that has an Aptitude that's a bit high, and serves as a sub pet in a pet combination, it augments the major pet's stats much more than before.
Players now need confirm of their actions when combining pets.
Rewards for Inner Cultivation have been adjusted.
Wei-Yang Palace: Some Massacre quests have been added.
Rankings on opening Pet Chests have been added.
The grand master of each clan now sells all the spell books specific to their own clan.
Universe Sacks can now be exchanged for Compound Chests at the cost of some Silver.
Wei-Yang Palace: Rewards for some quests have been adjusted.
Green Fungus Horses can now fly with players.
Some new titles that can increase maximum health have been added.
A system prompt will pop up when a player gets rewards on the 4th floor or above of the Sinuous Maze.
The way to get experience yielded by guild occupied areas has been changed.
Daily online rewards have been added.
The Area Occupation event has been modified.
Murderers are now more aggressive.
No more level requirements for chatting in game.
A system prompt will pop up when equipping a pet with equipment.
The names and locations of some NPCs at Boundary Hill have been adjusted.
Time-limited pets can't be fed anymore.
The rules for changing official rank names of guilds have been modified.
The Swift Fighter title now increases attack power by 7% and movement speed by 2%.
The Honored Immortal title has been added.
Cursed Stones and Mystic Stones can now be stacked up to 99.
More Stolen Treasures, Treasure Gathering Gourds and Righteous Jades can be stacked up.
The time interval for playing background music has been adjusted to 30 seconds from 2 minutes.
The Worshipping Stones sold in the Item Mall are not bound, but those obtained from the Sacrifice Envoy are bound when acquired.
A system prompt is initiated when using a Pet Combination Bolus.
The Brigands' hints have been improved.
When learning a new spell, the spell panel now gives details of the spell effect.

New Items
Gem of Swiftness (Attaches Swiftness stats to fashion)
Enlightenment Vertebra, Sickle Vertebra, Fuxi Vertebra (Increases equipment's Potential)
Bolus of Revival, Big Bolus of Revival
Riches Pet Chest, Ace Pet Chest
Bolus of Vigor (Increases Vigor by 1000)
12-hour Worshipping Stone and 24-hour Worshipping Stone.

Enlightenment Vertebras have been added to the "Item" column of the Item Mall.
Fortune Caskets (Bound) have been added to the "Hot" column of the Shell Mall.
Level 210 Boluses to Origin have been added to the "Hot" column of the Pet Mall.
Level 60-210 Boluses to Origin have been added to the "Viscera" column of the Pet Mall.
The display order for some pet equipment and some columns of the Pet Mall have been adjusted.

Bug Fixes
The wrong display effect of Sun Warriors' Flying Fire spell has been corrected.
The wrong exposure of some monsters in the Frozen Sea has been corrected.
The details and stats of bells (trinkets) have been modified.
If a player goes to another region after using a Rapidity Bolus while in "WEAK" status, the Rapidity Bolus will still work.
NPC Masanton in the Amusement Park can now be auto-traced.
The Copper Warrior can now be auto-traced.
The Award Givers in Ghost Canyon and Blue Mountain can now be auto-traced.
NPC Dinn in Zin Palace can now be auto-traced.
After claiming the "Rewards for Inner Cultivation 6", warehouse master Jamon in Desert City won't show the wrong mark again.
The "Repair All" button will now give correct prompts.
Players can now team up with and whisper to somebody from the "Search" window.
The newbie guide switch now works normally.
If you take flight the moment your shapeshifting ends, your equipped items will now be displayed correctly after the flight.
When a Summoner levels up, their minions level will now be shown correctly.
If your equipped fashionable item expires when you are refining something, you won't stand up at once anymore.
Some system settings will now work at once when changed.
If you launch the camera when running automatically, the direction buttons of the camera will now work normally.
You may not change your faction info to be shown in the chat channel anymore.
If you go to another region while using a Speed Scroll buff, the buff icon won't vanish anymore.
Shift+ Left clicking on an item link shown in the chat box will now paste the link to the input bar.
Ctrl+Z will now switch to PvP mode normally while in spirit form.
Minions will now give the correct response when you target something.
When only one action bar is displayed, the minion's actions keys won't cover the functions icons anymore.
The time the messages in the chat record were sent will now be displayed correctly.
The game client will now run smoothly when playing music in game or when 2 game clients are launched.
Minions will now take damage caused by Resilience normally.
If you accept a meeting invite while you are helping somebody to refine something, your pose will now be displayed correctly.
Players' normal attacks will now cause damage to Summoners minions normally.
When a Sun Warrior is using a two-handed weapon, it will now be displayed normally.
The effect descriptions of the Swordsman's Sky-hitting Thunder spell have been unified.
Character's Movement values will now be displayed normally.
If you claim the experience gained from training your duplicate/spirit while sitting, you will now keep sitting.
If you shapeshift while using the Costume-Male Moonmaiden, the hairstyle of the original image won't overlap the hairstyle of the Male Moonmaiden anymore.
If you click to repair something when none of your items needs to be repaired, the system won't prompt it twice again.
Some prompts about pet combination have been corrected.
The messages sent in the faction channel can now be displayed the same on the upper and lower window of the chat box.
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PostSubject: Re: Version 1.9.02 Updates   Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:43 am

and there is not mentioned that the spars adds much more attack/ defence up pig
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PostSubject: Re: Version 1.9.02 Updates   Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:51 pm

wow love this updates.. cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Version 1.9.02 Updates   

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Version 1.9.02 Updates
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